Who often buys on the Internet

The buyer of the online store – this is quite an advanced user, willing to experiment and develop new technologies. The most active buyers the Internet-shops are people from 16 to 44 years, they constitute the main target audience. When selling products over the Internet must consider not only the needs of the target group, but also to understand which products are most popular on the Internet.

The most popular products

Mobile phones and accessories. Use a great demand, users are willing to buy phones of various brands, as well as covers, screen protectors, chargers, and other accessories. Moreover, this type of products is light in weight, convenient for shipment and delivery.

Computers and accessories. Enjoy stable and constant demand, especially laptops. Shipping this category also does not cause problems.

Books. This kind of products is one of the most sold, the demand is stable and strongly decreases, despite the emergence of e-books.

Small appliances. Products in this category will be in demand as long as people use toasters, kettles, hair dryers, blenders and other appliances.

Cosmetics, clothes and shoes. The major pokupatelem this category are women. Accordingly, the demand for such goods is high.

Large household appliances. People are willing to acquire appliances, because usually online store in addition to detailed descriptions and characteristics of the product offers delivery of purchases to the house.

Tickets. To purchase tickets to theatre, concerts, cinema, as well as airline and train tickets through the Internet has the main advantage – no need to go somewhere and stand in queues at railway stations, which ensures a high demand for this service.

Toys and children's products. The products in this category are always in demand, both in conventional and online stores.

The goods for the house and household goods. This category of goods is also popular.

Purchase goods via the Internet provide users with an alternative to the standard trip to the store for shopping. In this type of trade has a number of undoubted advantages both for sellers and for buyers. The advantages for entrepreneurs are the lack of cost of rent of trading, exhibition and storage premises, and also in the absence of payroll costs to employees. The online store is not tied to a specific location and can carry out their activities not only within one city or region but throughout the country, or abroad. For the buyer's benefit is no need to waste time going to the store. The coveted item is just a few clicks, with the majority of the online stores have home delivery, which is also very convenient, especially when buying bulky goods.