It looks like the flag of Tatarstan?

The appearance of a flag of Tatarstan fairly unobtrusive, modest, and strict. Almost all flags, whether military, tribal or state flag represent flag in the shape of a rectangle. The flag of Tatarstan is no exception. Modern country symbols typically represent a number of bands, painted in different colors. These include the symbolism of the Republic of Tatarstan, or rather of its flag. Tatarstan flag contains three horizontal stripes. Two of them absolutely identical in size. These strips are painted in red and green. The middle stripe is white. It is very narrow. By the standards of the Tatar heraldry, its size should not exceed 1/15 of the height of the flag.

The developer of the flag of the Republic of Tatarstan is Tawil Khaziakhmetov. This is not the first such work. He has the title of people's artist of his country. In addition, Tawil Khaziakhmetov also was the winner of the award named after Tukai.

The value of the colors of the character

The flag of any state has its own value. In Tatarstan, the colors of the flag are taken also from the air. Each strip and the color on the flag has its own meaning. For residents of the Republic of the colors of the flag carries deep psychological and historical sense.

In the color of the flag of the Republic of Tatarstan there are three different colors. As a result, the value of the flag of Tatarstan is divided into three parts. The value depends on the color bands. The green color symbolizes rebirth. This color reminds greens that bloom in early spring. In many colors green think it's still also the color of hope. Some residents of Tatarstan and interpret a horizontal green stripe on the flag – a symbol of hope.

A second strip of equal width of green, painted red. A very common interpretation in the symbolism of the color red is considered to be a struggle, shed blood, and impending revenge. However, the red color on the flag of Tatarstan is interpreted in another context. The flag embodies in red color are ancient symbols of life and strength, energy and power, and sometimes even of wisdom and life experience. Delving deeper into the value of the red color on the flag of the Republic of Tatarstan, you can come to the conclusion that it symbolizes maturity and understanding.

The narrow strip located in the middle of the flag, painted white. This band symbolizes the purity of intention, peace-loving mood of the people of Tatarstan and the pursuit of peace and harmony with neighboring countries and republics.