Whether the child is a strict regime?

It is known that newborns sleep a lot, but the daily routine they have pretty chaotic - they are able to stay awake nights and sleep serenely at the doctor. However, over time, they gradually formed the mode of the day, and the total duration of daily sleep is reduced. To two years most children have already formed and the nature of, and relation to sleep, that is, the parents can already make a conclusion about how well and quick to lay their baby. If adult family members are trying to adhere to the daily routine, for example, putting a baby at the table at a certain time, and the border of sleep he periods already fully developed. Many children this age sleep 10-12 hours a night and from one to three hours a day. As a rule, during the day the kids are sleeping the same amount of time - if they Wake up in the morning early, they can make up for it during NAPs.

According to many modern moms, to two years children should lay just one a day dream, respectively to determine the order of feedings and walks, as well as entertainment. So it is possible not only to simplify your life to get the opportunity to have some free time, but also to help the baby, accustomed to sleep at the same time the child departs to sleep much more quietly. Children who can go depending on the mood of adults and the events of the day, often falling asleep for a long time without special desire. Helps you to sleep baby and a kind of ritual - for example, evening bath and reading or watching your favorite books. For some signal to sleep are closed the curtains and turned on the light, followed by a quiet mother's tale. Thus the child is pre-configured to sleep, and adult family members can easily put him to bed on time.

What determines the duration of sleep in two year old children

The duration of sleep is a highly individual factor, to determine precisely the required amount will not be a single qualified and highly skilled. But the mother, knowing your child, showing attention and observation, will easily be able to determine when the baby is already to go, and how much he can spend in bed. If you have to get up early a little to shift the mode of children's day. To do this, you can longer walk in the afternoon or not to put him in quiet time, however, the beginning of a night's sleep should be more early - then awakening the next day will not be accompanied by moods and tears.

Affect the duration and quality of sleep two-year old children can a variety of reasons. For example, after a day in the country in games with their peers, the kid who usually sleeps 9-10 hours, can sleep much more. Sleep mode may change after experiencing stress. As evidenced by psychologists, this is not always the events of negative nature: roughly marked the second anniversary with the arrival of distant relatives and a huge pile of gifts in kind can have a stressful impact on the emerging psyche of the child. So the baby will not fall asleep as easy as usual, and the next morning, he may need extra time to recover after yesterday's holiday.

Changing the duration of sleep in children (and not only two years) and depending on their state of health. However, there are no rules or recommendations - even at a high enough temperature, some kids always look sleepy and try to sleep at the first opportunity, but their other peers refuse to go to standard time, caprinica and demanding from their parents care and affection.