Simple hairstyles for each day

Everyday hairstyle should be simple in design and durable enough. They are based on a good haircut. Medium length hair don't need too frequent adjustment – to visit the Barber once in two months.

For styling, choose a light fixing mousse, gel, or spray, and modeling wax. Will need hairspray easy fixation. Wavy hair can be pulled out with the help of Ironing – so strands will be easier to style your hair.

Try to make a fashionable hairstyle with braids. She looks especially beautiful on light hair long to mid neck and lower. Wash your hair, lightly dry them, spray fixing spray and pull the strands of forceps. Comb them with a brush.

With a sharp handle of a comb in the middle of the head make a zigzag parting. The hair on each side braid in a loose braid, secure the ends with a thin elastic band. Hands stretch the braids so that they looked a little sloppy. Flip them forward and lightly spray with hairspray.

Do simple styling for straight hair. Wash them and blow dry, pulling the strands down. Divide the hair into side parting, then brush comb gel and, lifting the fringe, lock her in cool waves. Hair at the temples take over his ears. Pound in palms a little wax and pull thin strands of hair on the head, shaping them thin feathers.

Evening styling for medium length

On the medium length hair look beautiful, varied curls. So they turned more sculpted, before Curling the hair to better handle irons. Pull the strands and let them cool down and curl on the curler, sprinkled a bit with fixing spray. For dry and fine hair spray is better to use a nourishing serum.

When the tresses is dry, gently remove the rollers and spray the hair lacquer. Fingers whisk the curls, separate the hair into side parting. Slim tongs curl a few strands – they will add the hair volume. Fix styling Shine spray.

Very showy hairstyle for the evening can be done with the help of pins. Straighten your hair, carefully comb brush and divide into side parting. Heat in the palms of a small portion of wax and apply them onto strands. Gather hair at the nape and tie it tight with a drawstring.

Thin chiffon scarf turn into a bundle and tie it on top of the lace. Shape of the scarf bundle popliteus and its small pins. Sprinkle laying varnish. Instead of a scarf, you can use a hairpiece to match the hair in the form of a bundle of braid or bow.