You will need
  • - passport and its copy
  • - birth certificate of the child and its copy
  • - excerpt from the book about joint accommodation with the child
  • - application for alimony
According to the Family Code of the Russian Federation parents must support their child until is 18 years old. And that they should do equally, regardless of the relationship with each other. If you can not come to a peaceful agreement on financial assistance, then the issue can be resolved with the help of the official filing for child support. This is done through the world court at the place of residence of either the defendant or the plaintiff.
To be able to file for child support, you need official proof of relationship with the child. This document is the birth certificate with filled lines about his parents. If parents were unmarried at the time of the appearance of the baby born, the registry office should come together, and the father must acknowledge the child. If he didn't, and in the "father" of the recorded person from the words of the mother - this fact must be indicated, it is not an official proof of paternity. In this case through the world court to confirm this, and only then to collect child support, you can do it at the same time.
If a man refuses to recognize the child, you can compel him through court to make the examination for DNA. Of course, force it, no one can force to go for it, but in case of refusal, it will be considered as one of the proofs of paternity. It should also provide all possible evidence Dating and relationships: it can be the testimony of witnesses (relatives, friends), photos, payment documents, etc. After all these steps, the case is heard and the judge decides on the acknowledgment of paternity. If you are not satisfied, it is possible to appeal and re-apply re-apply.
In case of problems with recognition of paternity does not arise, the issue of alimony is solved quite simply. It is necessary to the world court to provide a number of documents: your passport and a copy of the birth certificate of the child and its copy, an extract from the house register, confirming that the child lives with the plaintiff, and write the application form is available in the court. You are assigned a date and time of the hearing of your case, and the defendant shall be notified by summons. The statement must specify how you would like to obtain maintenance, in the form of a share of the official income or a fixed rate. The last option is most useful when the Respondent does not work or its wages is very small. Proof of income, you can provide yourself, or the court makes an inquiry at the place of work.
If it all ends peacefully, then payments begin before the age of the child. If the defendant evades from the alimony, it is written the statement of claim and is a matter for the police. May be assigned to the money is automatically deducted by the employer in accordance with the judge's decision. If the defendant continuously does not pay child support or does so to a lesser amount without serious reasons, it is still possible for a criminal prosecution, termination of parental rights (but retaining mandatory payments).