Fetal movements, visible to women, as a rule, are between 19 and 21 weeks of pregnancy. But it can happen and 14, and even at 25 weeks. In fact, the first stirring of the child in the womb is very individual. Date depends on many factors, including physiological characteristics. First, the fat woman is much more difficult to recognize the first perturbation than one with a slender complexion. Secondly, mother, the bearing of the firstborn did not really know what sensations to expect from intrauterine perturbations and may not immediately notice it. At the same time, women with childbirthOh the experience, it can feel earlier perturbations. In addition, the date of the first fetal movements depends on the thickness and sensitivity of the uterine walls.
In any case, on the date of the first fetal movements can establish an approximate date of birth. This event should happen around the middle of pregnancy. For the first time felt fetal movement of the fetus, note the date on the calendar. Then add to it 20 weeks constitute half of the entire pregnancy. This calculation is suitable for nulliparous women who already had children should add 22 weeks. Received the day and are probable date of childbirth.
Please note that you should not rely solely on the results of such calculation, in view of the subjectivity of perception the first stirring of the embryo. Some gynecologists say that many women did take the most banal bowel movements for the first manifestations of fetal movement.