To ensure the specified characteristics of coolers made from materials that provide high thermal insulation performance. Thus, the cooler bag is an insulated container without the cooling device. It's light and soft. Insulation is provided by a double wall nylon with a polyethylene foam or polyurethane foam inside.

Equipment bags-refrigerators

Like all the other bags have handles for transporting or harness when in a backpack. Especially large models are equipped with wheels. Most insulated bags are very compact and folds down to minimum size. Some manufacturers offer waterproof options waterproof or individual elements, such as pockets for documents and so on. cooler bag can be equipped with special compartments for bottles or storing extra camping equipment. In some cases, the kit bag contains a set of travel utensils.

In addition to the various design, materials and packaging, cooler bags vary in the amount of storage space. The most common sizes are from two to fifty liters.

Temperature modes cooler

If you want long-term storage of products in refrigerated or frozen condition, the bag additionally placed the battery is cold. This may be a special compartment (most often in the bag cover). If it is absent, the refrigerant is placed directly on the products.

As the refrigerant for the thermal bag you can use dry ice or cold accumulators. The battery is a package or plastic container with a saline solution, which introduced a special additive. Using supplements is stored a certain temperature. To allow the cold battery into action, it before use place in the freezer. Minimum cooling time of seven hours.

Cooler, thanks to its insulating properties, can be used as a normal thermos. It can keep foods hot from 12 to 24 hours. After that, the contents of the bag is cooled to ambient temperature.

The types of insulation containers

Depending on the materials used and method of temperature control, the mobile tank insulation is divided into three types: isothermal bags on fabric, thermo plastic housing, and refrigerators with thermoelectric converters, blowing cold or hot air.