At what age begin to smile babies?

Of course, all children develop at their own pace. However, it is considered the norm when the baby began to smile at the age of 6-8 weeks. However, some babies smile as early as 4 weeks, and others just beginning the third month. It is absolutely normal, because all people have different temperament and character: some would like to call "Hlybokae", and others are more like beech, embarrassed or do not see a reason to smile.

Sometimes moms proudly tell you how their child is still in the hospital began to glow with smiles. However, it is only partly true: the smile of the newborn is a reflex phenomenon, and it usually expresses some kind of positive emotions, she is still unconscious. At the same time newborns will smile if they are worried, and rasplyvetsya in a half-smile face newly born baby is a signal that the baby is comfortable and happy, he's fed and happy.

How to determine that the baby began to smile knowingly?

This can be done simply. The conscious smile of a baby is usually accompanied by a joyful "dragongem" hands and feet, the friendly shouts, gaze into the eyes.

The first smile of a baby often gives the mother, who day and night is usually around. It was her smell and voice, he already knows how to accurately recognize among thousands. However, do not be surprised if the baby first smiles to all in a row – and his, and others'. This is normal, and this situation will continue until about six months. After six months, the children usually stop to openly smile at strangers and are less likely to go into the hands of strangers "uncles and aunts".

Is it possible to help the child to learn to smile?

Yes, you can. There are a few simple tips on the subject. For example, you can take the baby, start with him gently talking to him hum a melodious song and with the big smile. At the age of six months infants already show their desire to be like other people, and certainly the baby will begin to imitate the adult, tries to smile.

Psychologists recommend that mothers more often give a smile to your crumbs to feel the atmosphere of goodwill and friendliness, felt their necessity in this world. A constant exchange of smiles dad and especially mom with a baby is a catalyst to healthy emotional and mental development of the child.