The main document that reglamentary rules on the sale of alcohol on the territory of the Russian Federation is the Federal law No. 171-FZ of 22 November 1995 "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and about restriction of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic products".

Permitted hours of sale of alcohol

The period of time during which the retail outlets are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, regulated by item 5 of article 16 of this regulatory legal act. This section of the legislation specifies that to carry out retail sale of alcohol in Russia valid from 8 to 23 hours. Accordingly, in the period from 23 to 8 hours the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail is prohibited. These requirements are based on local time in each subject of the Russian Federation.

However, the same section of law enforcement alcohol emphasizes that these requirements do not apply to all types of organizations engaged in trade in alcoholic beverages. Thus, these restrictions do not apply to organizations providing catering services and duty-free shops known as "duty-free".

While catering can implement any type of alcohol during the opening hours of their institution. If the provision of services in the field of public catering does individual entrepreneur, in the hours of the ban on the sale of alcohol, that is, from 23 to 8 hours, he is entitled to sell only some types of alcoholic beverages. In particular, in the allowed list in the same paragraph 5 of article 16 of the law on the sale of alcohol included beer, beer drinks, cider, Poiret and Mead.

Additional restrictions in the sale of alcohol

Planning, for example, to organize a point for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to take into account additional provisions contained in paragraph 5 of article 16 of the law on the sale of alcohol. He, in particular, provides the authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation the right to set their own restrictions on retail sales of alcohol, not inconsistent with Federal law. Such limitations may relate to time, place and terms of sale of alcoholic beverages. Additional conditions may be arbitrarily hard, until the complete ban on the sale of alcohol. Therefore, before taking any steps in the direction of business organization in this field, you should be familiar with local laws.