You will need
  • - pepper seeds (peppercorns purchased at the grocery store)
  • - a pot for planting
  • - grunt
  • - fertilizer
  • - water
Collect the necessary for sowing peas, not only in magnitude. To do this, simply place the seeds in salted water, peas that float, use for sowing. Soak the large black peppercorns in water. Leave in a warm place for germination.
Transplant germinated seeds into the pot (depth – not less than one centimeter). For planting is best to use a primer, mixed in equal parts of loam, sand, humus. Planting the seeds, you should observe the temperature of the air +25 – +30°C. further it is necessary to adhere to these temperatures.
With the correct planting a seed, the first leaves will appear within one month, and with the emergence of the second leaf of the plant must be fertilized. It is recommended to use dissolved in water bird droppings in the ratio 1:10, which should infuse for two days. Fertilization adds to the seedlings of nutrients, therefore, the pepper will grow better.
Transplant the plant into a larger pot when it grows up, as pepper characterized by large root systems. Change the soil plants at least once in two years. With proper care the length of the plant can reach two meters or more.
Collect the first harvest after six to eight months from the date of first flowering. Pepper should be green. It should be boiled and dried in the sun until it becomes black.