Jet in Greek denotes the black amber. In its origin it is one of the conventional coal. It is a uniform stone, the distinctive properties which include a high density and black gloss. Sometimes it is found as layers in an ordinary brown coal. The stone is easily processed and well polished, acquiring a beautiful and noble Shine. Despite the relatively low price jewelry small size of the jet looks very exquisite. Like most stones, he attributed certain mystical properties. It is believed that he protects the brave and active people. Pregnant women are recommended to wear jewelry with jet for the birth of strong and healthy children.
The name of the black stone – onyx - in Greek means "fingernail". According to the myth, son of the goddess of love Aphrodite while she slept, cut off her nails and threw them down from Olympus to earth. There they turned into stone, which became known as onyx. Onyx belongs to the family of chalcedonies, its distinguishing feature is a kind of braid in the form of several parallel lines. The most common black stones with ribbons of white, yellow and brown. Genuine onyx is considered a stone that combines black and white colors. However, there are fully black stones. A characteristic feature of onyx is a soft waxy luster. Pure black onyx is considered a magical stone. They say that its mirror surface protects against energy vampires, ghosts and demons. According to legend, in the mirror of black onyx you can see the reflection of a vampire.
Obsidian is an igneous rock, made from cooled volcanic glass. This material, which is poured out in the process of eruption. The location of the strips on the stone to judge in what direction flowed streams of lava. Obsidian lends itself well to polishing and has a glazed structure, which gives it a distinctive black color and Shine. In addition to making jewelry, used in medicine, mainly in the quality of the material, from which the following blades for scalpels. According to ancient beliefs, the obsidian has the ability to cause scars. In the East its name is translated as "toenail of Satan" and considered a stone of evil.