Brilliantest if it's in front of you the stone, with the help of a magnifying glass with a tenfold magnification. If you look through it for a diamond, and through it, turn on the light, you will see only a bright dot in the center. The fact that the rays reflected from the facets, and nothing but light through the diamond is not visible. In addition, it is a very hard stone, and if they hold a different mineral or glass, it will scratch, and the diamond is intact.
Rubinite stones with smooth coloration in nature are rare and are very expensive. Typically the rubies, there are different kinds of inclusions and small defects. Cracks in these zigzag, dull, artificial straight and sparkling. If genuine corundum to put in the milk, it will turn pink. And when you place it on the eye lid, the stone a long time remain cold. A fake will heat up.
To supportlist fake from real stone can be the presence or absence of foreign matter inside. Synthetic sapphires have not, in the real they are. There are special liquid with a certain specific weight. If you place a stone in such an environment, genuine sapphire sink, and disguised it with another natural mineral emerge. Swipe the sapphire ruby or emerald on this scratches does not remain, because it is harder. It is also worth to immerse the stone in a liquid with a specific refractive index if it is grown, you will see a curved band of different colors, if natural, they will be straight and parallel faces.
Izumrudnom stone began to synthesize a very long time, therefore, to know natural if front of you, in visual research impossible. From other minerals and glass imitations, it can be distinguished by looking through the color filter emerald will appear brown or red, and both natural and synthesized.
Grand fortunately, this mineral is rarely counterfeited. After all, to recognize it easily is real has the power of magnetic attraction. And garnet is inexpensive. Take tube, put it on a stone, place on the scales and bring to it a magnet. If garnet is present, the scale will move.
If Topaz is a mineral of natural origin, to the touch it seems cool and smooth, even slippery. If you RUB a real stone wool, it will attract small pieces of paper napkin. Possible put the Topaz into a solution of iodide of methylene. Natural sink, and if you can see the quartz, it will float.