You will need
  • - The Federal law "About insurance of contributions of physical persons" №177-FZ, dated 26.12.2003;
  • - Bank Deposit agreement;
  • statement of a Deposit account;
  • calculator.
What amount can you trust the credit institution, without fear of losing investment?
Today, the Russians, opening the Deposit in the Bank, can be assured of security of their savings. The safety part of the Deposit in case of bankruptcy or revocation of his license, guaranteed by the state. Amount of Deposit, insured by the government, is 700 thousand rubles. Contribution is insured from the moment when the Bank becomes the participant of system of insurance of contributions. If at the time of opening the Bank account was already a member of the system, the contribution of the insured from the moment of conclusion of the contract.
What kind of deposits are insured?
Insurance is required for all ruble and foreign currency deposits, demand deposits, current accounts and funds on the debit plastic cards. Be insured also:
• savings certificates, if on the form of this certificate shows surname, name and patronymic of its owner;
• in 2014, the insurance funds entrepreneurs who are on their accounts.
Which deposits are not insured?
Those that were open bearer and ascertained the availability of bearer passbook or savings certificate. Not insured also means:
• citizens placed on accounts of the branches of Russian banks located abroad;
• the funds held in Unallocated accounts, as they are not considered money, and precious metals;
• electronic money in the accounts - payments and transfers for payment systems, which are carried out without opening an account, refunded in case of revocation of Bank licenses, are not subject.
Who makes payments in the event of bankruptcy or revocation of his license?
The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV). It performs the role of a safety cushion designed to compensate the Russians invested in the Bank money in case the credit institution cannot meet its obligations to depositors. Alone it does not pay compensation, involving to this process the authorized banks. Upon occurrence of each insurance case is assigned to one or more banks, which will focus on payments to the population of the lost funds. Most often, the DIA assigns these actions to the Bank VTB 24, NOMOS Bank, SMP-Bank.