All-inclusive: start within 10 minutes

For your future site, you will need three important things: CMS (content management system, or simply "engine"), the hosting and domain. If you are willing to pay money for them, can use online services for creating websites. They will give you it all for free – in exchange for a link back to your website or advertising.

But these services have many limitations, which for a fee will offer you to upgrade to a paid plan or make a one-time payment. For example, you get a limited amount of disk space. Writing 100-200 articles, you will not be able to add a new one if you have exhausted your allocated project number of megabytes. If you purchase one of the plans proposed by the online service, you can get more disk space or even to remove all restrictions.

Free services for website creation

For different types of sites have their own online platform, but many of them are universal.

  • Create a blog on,,,

  • For a website with news or articles suitable

  • Static brochure websites with individual design can be done independently using web services,,,

  • Free online store in just a few minutes you will be able to create, or

Step-by-step instructions for creating the website

  1. Sign up on the website of the selected online service.

  2. Create a new project. You will be asked to choose a free third level domain for your website, for example, mysite.название-сервиса.com. For a surcharge, you will be able to tie him to any of your domain.

  3. Almost all services have a WYSIWYG editor to work with it, you don't need knowledge of programming languages and layout. Replace the boilerplate text with your own select images (logo, icons, illustrations for articles).

  4. If necessary, remove the extra blocks on the pages, or change their location. Be sure to watch the tutorial videos to get you started on your own website.

  5. Save the changes, view the finished page. If all you are satisfied, publish your free website online.

Online services – for the average user of the Internet is the only way to create a website without any attachments. If you do not want to depend on their work and willing to constantly learn, you can purchase your own domain for 200-500 rubles and deploy hosting on your computer.