There are features of sowing rye on green manure in the spring and autumn periods. If you know the most suitable time for sowing of this crop, it is possible to obtain a higher effect is expected from her. Rye enrich the soil with organic matter, loosen it and reduce the number of pests and weeds.

Why is it better to sow rye?

This culture is in the mind of grass and has specific pests and diseases. Rye rejects in the soil pathogenic microbes and bacteria can not develop in its roots the larvae of pests. Thus, this culture provides a persistent decrease of their number planted on its site.

It is another feature that rye is pretty aggressive. It is not possible to grow any weed or cultural plant except the flower field cornflower. And seeds of this green manure can effectively suppress the most stubborn perennial weeds: couch grass, sow Thistle, spurge, etc.

How to sow rye for a green manure?

Optimum time of sowing – the end of August or beginning of September. If possible, you need to sow seeds from the crop grown in the same locality. In this case, the rye will be adapted to the specific climatic conditions and with greater efficiency will manifest its qualities the best medic and green manure. If you sow the seeds of the current year, there is a possibility that they can not ascend because you have not yet received the required post-harvest maturity.

If you sow rye no later than the second week of September, she will have time to rockustics well before the first frost and gain strength for safe wintering. With the onset of spring this green manure will continue to increase root and green mass. Experienced growers recommend sowing rye as follows: in the spring, very thickly, so that cereal was a wall. In the winter – sparingly, but not less than 2.5 kg of rye per 1 sq. m.

To sow rye is easy: in the fall after harvest is sufficient to level the beds and scatter on the soil surface seeds in the required quantity. Then, using a rake it is necessary to seal the grain in the ground. It is important that weather conditions were suitable, and the earth is wet. Rye germinates quickly and gives an abundant green mass, which can be mowed before the first snow.

You can use another method of sowing rye on seceraty: rows. In this case, the pre-patch line on a flat strip to a depth of 2-2. 5 cm When sowing of this cereal land needs to be sufficiently loose that the fall is provided by the harvest. In the spring it is undesirable to do deep plowing, well enough to loosen the soil.