To start, you will need to determine the travel time and the approximate expenses for the vacation. Of course, if you go in peak season, the prices for housing and entertainment will be greatly enhanced. In order to save money on vacation, many prefer to go South in the autumn season in the period from late August to early October.

Among all the cities of the black sea coast of the Russian tourists often choose Anapa, since this town combines affordability, variety of entertainment and interesting area. If you want to get to Anapa in the holiday season, you will need to pre-book accommodation or to find affordable option.

How to rent a house in Anapa

To start, you will need to analyze the market in real estate prices in Anapa. Determine what kind of housing you need – apartment, Villa, private house or hotel? Special attention is paid to the so-called private hotels – houses of two or three floors, which combines the coziness and reasonable prices (compared to conventional hotels). If you want to live alone, look after my little house by the sea.

Once you decide on the type of property, its cost and distance from the sea, you can see on specialized sites a property that meets all the above criteria. Despite several ways of communication with the landlord (e-mails and phone conversations), it is best to call landlords and to clarify the details of the transaction personally. For example, a telephone conversation is required if the not specified ad pictures of housing.

You can also rent a house in Anapa on arrival in the city. In summer, almost every second house there's a poster "Take boarders". For many residents renting homes or in rent – one of the main types of earnings, so you will always be able to easily negotiate with the property owners in just a few minutes.

The issue price

Depending on the time of year housing prices in Anapa range minimum is observed in spring and late autumn. For example, the house of 1-2 rooms will cost you 2-3,5 thousand rubles per day. Apartment in Anapa will cost less – about 1-2 thousand. If you are on a budget, it is better to rent a cheaper property – an apartment or a room in mini-hotel, which in mid summer are in the range of 700-2500 rubles.