The family plays a Central role relationship between husband and wife. Then as they develop, based on what ultimately affects other family members, particularly children. Happy family parents love and respect each other, they always have something to talk about, but joint silence is not a heavy cloud hangs over them. This is not to equate two such different concepts of "happy family" and "the perfect family", as it is virtually impossible to achieve the ideal of family relations. In the world there is nothing perfect. And even in a happy family spouses not all issues come to a consensus, and sometimes the truth is born only in disputes. And here is the main final. In a happy family love always wins to the spouse and children.

Children in a happy family

If between spouses there is harmony, then they have enough time to pay attention to their children. But children need parental attention, especially in a small age. Participation, assistance in learning the surrounding world, endorsement, teaching various manifestations of love and tenderness is all that is needed for happiness of children. In addition, joint activities in the form of a dinner, viewing of interesting films, soulful conversations, walks in the Park, makes a family stronger and friendlier. If the parents are busy finding-out of relations, they have no time for children. And even if they will be able to allocate some free time, head, they would still be busy doing other things.

Money and happy family

To live without money is almost impossible, but their number does not affect the degree of happiness in the family. Not every poor family is unhappy, and not all rich families very happy. Happiness is only in a small fraction associated with the material world. Happiness is more a state of mind, harmony with yourself and others, doing life surrounded by loved ones.

Someone else's family – darkness

Sometimes, seeing happy, smiling parents, and frolicking next to them children, it seems that here it is – happy family! But not always, form is meaningful. Sometimes in a nice wrapper find the candy, and the void. No wonder they say that someone else's family – it's a dark. Truly happy families is not so much as it seems. Besides, happiness is a very fragile state, which is difficult to protect from external attacks. It is the worst enemy of human envy.