Not only computer

Can burn the motherboard or sound card, but often problems with sound occur not because of problems with your computer. The case in programs that are incompatible with each other or with Windows, besides many important points is to work different types of the family of the operating system.

In recent years a large number of failures of audio devices or programs is due to "upgrade" Windows XP to 7, or the transition from "seven" to Windows 8. A couple of years ago, it was possible to reinstall 7 version instead of XP, now it can be done, because the PC model has changed dramatically, and "stitched" only for specific Windows.

Even if you install newer version of XP on an old computer may encounter sound problems, not to mention modern types of Windows. Incompatible be new programs for which there are no drivers in the system.

You've probably noticed that when you uninstall any program is issued a warning that may disrupt the performance of other applications. This notification is particularly important to consider when you install or uninstallation of the computer audio players, software to format audio files, etc.


Don't be afraid of the computer alerts that the system did not find the sound devices. Indeed, the last resort may be a complete reinstallation of the OS, but first you need to try some options.

Experienced users use the program Everest to find out details about the sound card of your computer and to find for it the driver. You can use a less popular program DriverPack Solution, but it is better to try to find a solution themselves.

First we need to know what modifications of devices used on a computer. To do this, right-click on "My computer" in the context menu you will find the tab "device Manager". Clicking on it, you will see a list of devices in the computer.

Select "Other devices" or "Sound, video and game controllers". If you do not specify a driver, then it is not and you should choose either your computer manufacturers website or just search on the Internet.

7 Windows device Manager can be found after clicking "Properties" in the tab "Computer".

If you install the same operating system on different PCs, don't be surprised seen the message about the lack of sound on all computers built different devices need the appropriate drivers.

Sometimes when you update software lose functions, in particular sound cards. For example, the default should be automatic on the sound, but after the failure, the card requires manually enabling.

To check this, open control Panel. By the way, the Panel in XP can be both category and classic. The proposed scheme you will see it in classic view.

After control Panel open: administrative tools, Services, Windows Audio", "Properties", "startup Type". Select "Auto", then you will see system messages about the status of the device and the address of the executable file Windows. If none of this helps, one thing remains to find the driver.