Advertising in social networking may present itself page devoted to the product or company. If it is high quality and interesting talks about the services or products offered by the firm if the answers to questions of potential and regular customers, provides interesting facts and information, such page or group attracts visitors. Are interested in it, thinking about buying, try the product, post reviews, do repost. Thus, the visitors are active, interested, share with friends, which is the main goal of this type of advertising. It turns out that even without investing money, only paying to this sort of resource, you can give users a positive impression of the company and the product. However, it is quite a long way to success.
Banner and contextual advertising is widely used in social networks. This placement of banners advertising the different groups, items, or services, and advertising that is shown when the user enters a particular query. When such advertising is necessary to strictly consider the interests of your target audience and carefully select the site for placement, otherwise ads will not give any effect.
If in advertising you can use settings such as the choice of age, sex, place of residence, the user's interests, then we are talking about targeted advertising. It is especially convenient to set up in social networks, because all information about the user is displayed on his page. These opportunities give companies a means to a very specific audience for its transformation in his clients.
Hidden advertising using guerrilla marketing is one of the low-cost but quite effective ways of advertising and promoting the product in social networks. Its basic principle is based on the fact that more customers do not trust direct advertising, and the opinion of other users about the product. To use guerrilla advertising can be quite creative: creating a user page, which will communicate with other people, make friends, start discussions and deliberations leading to hidden advertising of the product. Thus, users familiar with the product, they laid a positive attitude to a particular product or service.
Viral advertising is another great method of promotion in social networks. Based on its principle on the fact that users generally have little trust in conventional advertising, but always listen to other people's opinions about a product or service. So if some users share information on the Internet, doing census, suggest something else, the information begins to spread better than with the official is from the manufacturer. Sometimes this sharing of information from user to user reaches the scale and speed of spreading viruses, this method is called viral advertising.
Advertising a brand, company or services in applications. To create an app for social networking is a costly method that can afford not every aspiring business. In addition, as in the case of other types of advertising in social networks, this method does not guarantee success, though it may become a major contribution to the advertising company product.