Ceramic blade knives are made of zirconium powder which is compressed, burned in a special furnace and is transformed into ceramic material of high strength. Knives come out very sharp, their strength depends on how long they burned in a furnace – if you keep them less than a day, they get brittle, what is the difference between a Chinese fake. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose knives, considering the fact that these durable ceramic knives have a high cost.
To distinguish a fake from a real knife only blade is very difficult: they look the same, they need to test that often impossible for the purchase. But to identify a fake can be another way: the cheaper knives the blade is mounted to the arm of the usual superglue, which after some time ceases to operate, causing the blade POPs out. Carefully consider the mounting method: if the blade are well welded to the arm, most likely, it is also made by the right technology. Disregard the label "Made in China": these knives are also made in China.
Rate the price of the item: good ceramic knives can not be cheap. A set of knives from well-known firms Frank Moller, Kelli,Bergner costs about 3-4 thousand rubles. Do not buy sets that cost less than thousand. There are knives with black blades, which are significantly more expensive. It is not only a question of design, such blades are considered to be professionals, they are more sharp and durable, but the price of their respective. Buy them mostly for restaurants. This does not mean that the white knives are good enough – they are perfectly suited for the home environment.
Please note the knife handle. As a rule, they are made of plastic, but there are a wooden model. Plastic is easy to clean but looks cheap, although the quality is not inferior to the tree. Wooden handles are less durable wood can crack, it can breed bacteria. But overall, it's a matter of taste and conformity to the interior of the kitchen.
The size and shape of the knife choose in accordance with your requests. Some products are designed for fruits and vegetables, another for bread, others for meat. Remember that ceramic knives do not cut hard foods such as bones, they are also impossible to open the cans.
And last note on the design of the knives. There are many options, the blades can have different colors, different handles of different shapes and colors. Often the kit includes a special vegetable slicers and knives for pizza, but are these kits more expensive.