Beetroot – the plant is extremely demanding as the temperature conditions, and lighting conditions. In order that this valuable root has grown delicious, juicy and contain much healthy substances, it is important to respect the rules and terms of sowing.

Preparation for sowing

Before sowing beet seed, thorough preparation of future planting. Optimal "home base" for beet cultivation are the beds as under them organic fertilizer, which used to grow leguminous plants, cucurbits, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage. The beds should be on a good Sunny section of the garden, where there is no water stagnation.

Before sowing seeds of beets, they are necessary for day to hold in a specialized nutrient solution consisting of one liter water with ash, soda and superphosphate. A day the seeds are washed under running water and leave until the appearance of swelling, gently wrapped with absorbent tissue.

The time of sowing

Sow seeds of beets can in the spring and before winter. The best time for sowing in the spring is considered to be April-may, when the temperature is kept below 10 degrees Celsius, and the soil warms up to 5-6 degrees, while maintaining good hydration. It is best to sow beetroot, when the threat of frost is minimized because the sharp fluctuations in temperature strongly affect the young shoots and can lead to complete loss of the crop.

Autumn sowing is carried out in the last decade of October – beginning of November, with deeper placement of seeds in the ground: about 3-4 cm, preserving between them the distance of 15-20 cm in Winter crops must be multiruby peat or humus.

Features seeding

Grow beets, the future roots, or at the edges of the raised beds – this method is called border; or compression method when the beets are sown together with other crops: cucumbers, potatoes, etc. When spring sowing is usually used smooth patch with a depth of hurt seeds 2-3 cm For podzimny sowing the beds are used with transverse grooves. Sow beets in the winter, it is only necessary to dry land, without pre-soaking the seeds.

After the young plants will form 2-3 true leaves, the beets need to thin out, leaving between shoots a distance of 2-3 cm, secondary thinning is carried out after the appearance of the 5th leaf, leaving 10-15 cm between plants is the best time to weed is after rain, because the plants are easier removed from the soil; easier to transplant and not to injure the fragile leaves and stems.