Thinning of the beets, which you then plan on transplanting is best done in the evening or in cloudy weather. So plants are better accustomed to a new place, and the cultivation of sugar beet will not be complicated by unnecessary problems. If beets are sometimes not Vatsla, you can replant the extra pieces on blank areas of the same beds. Or to prepare a separate place, good pre-Strait of the earth.

In no case do not pull out the small beets, like weeds. Carefully dig them up, preferably with a clod of earth. Immerse plants need the same depth at which they grew. Previously the ground must be dug a hole that should be filled with water.

How to transplant beets?

Place the sprout into the recess until the water is not absorbed into the soil. With one hand, hold the plant over the leaves, another move the earth closer to the spine and gently uplotnaet seedling, lightly pressing it into the soil. In any case, not zaglubljaja growth point! After planting, smooth out the area around Rostock and again liberally pour. Earth to soak up the moisture of about 20 cm

It is possible to transplant beets and in Sunny weather, but then it is better to cut off the top part of the leaves so that the sprouts are better adapted. And, of course, necessary to protect the seedlings from the direct rays of either to make a shade covering materials, or to cover leaves of burdock and cut grass.

Most often planted beets much wither, plants several days may look wilted, almost dead, especially in hot weather. Don't worry if constantly watered the plants, they will soon come to life and fall will turn into a juicy, beautiful roots.