You will need
  • Drywall, sharp boot knife, tape, screwdriver, measuring tape, metal screws, rods, dowels, paint roller, primer, acrylic putty chalk
First you need to make the visible parts. Engaged in the cutting of the workpiece from the drywall 's width. Take up a sharp boot knife or just a piece of the saw blade and cut through cardboard, as well as 2-3 millimeters of the plaster. Take this sheet and perlative it from the side opposite the cut. Such details need to make two. Then you need to draw a line of curvature on the front side.
Both blanks are attached to each other by the back sides. The sheets were kept, they need to seal with tape in several places. Using the jigsaw, you need to saw through the line of both blanks. The cut surface then need to be processed to a smooth and level condition. Billet breakaway.
Using a ruler measure the length of the curve. You need to cut two segments of desired length from the guide profile. The side shelves have to make the slots in increments of 5 cm depth to the base of the profile. In the end we would get a cut, which when bent may be broken form. This length must be applied to the procurement of the drywall from the back side. Bend it in the shape of an arch. To strengthen the best with the help of screws for metal.
So we have the front and back of the arch. Next you need to make a skeleton. There is nothing complicated. Take the bars and saw off the door. With the bond of the bars is necessary to accurately calculate the dimensions. The frame is mounted in the doorway using dowels. Applied to the frame and fasten part of the arch. In the end we have an arch without a bottom. The measured width.
Engaged in the manufacture of parts of the drywall. It should have the width and length of a polyline. Detail pinned with awl throughout the area on both sides. Need to pierce the paper only. Wetted part with a roller. This should be done several times until the detail starts to SAG.
With the help of screws for metal fasten detail to the speakers through the profile, the ends of the drywall it should be close. The bracket must be made in increments of 5 centimeters. Wait until the item dries. Remove burrs and debris.
The surface of the arches definitely need to blot. After the primer dries, the chalk putty acrylic patching up bumps. It remains only to smooth out the product and admire it.