For Apple laptops characterized by an incredible ease of use. This technique has an intuitive operating system, many different applications and, in General, excellent software. Most of the users for whom Windows is more familiar, initially wary of the Mac OS. But in the end it turns out that this operating system even better. Another advantage of the products of the brand Apple is high quality and guaranteed reliability. The only disadvantage is quite high for a laptop the cost.
Manufacturer Dell in Russia are not well known. However, laptops of this brand deserve the most attention, because they can be categorized as very high quality. As practice shows, they have a low percentage of failures. The firm focuses on the design of the laptops, so they look stylish and presentable. Another advantage of Dell products is the high level of technical support.
Acer is one of the most popular brands of laptops in Russia. The main advantage of products of this company is a relatively low cost. In General, the laptops from Acer are considered to be high quality and stylish. However, in recent years, experts note a slight decrease in build quality.
Samsung has been manufacturing affordable middle range computers. They are mostly designed for home use and office work. Laptops of the firm characteristic of an attractive design and good technical support.
Firm Lenovo, like Dell, undeservedly little known in Russia. It produces very reliable laptops using high quality hardware. Breakdowns in the first years of their usage is minimal. Laptops from Lenovo are characterized by a strict design and comfortable keyboard. Many buyers note that technical support for this company is one of the best in the world.
Branded HP laptops are manufactured in different capacities and price range. This is a stylish and user-friendly technology. However, as practice shows, users HP have recently become much more frequently than before to contact the service centers for warranty service.
Firm Asus specializiruetsya in the production of middle range laptops that are perfect for home use. However, they are inferior as all of these companies except HP and Acer.