About the show

16 Feb 2009 the premiere of the teen television series called "the Kremlin cadets".

In "Kremlin cadets", the audience saw the same familiar faces that they loved from the "Kadetstvo", but their number decreased. With regard to the author's shop and crew of the television series "the Kremlin cadets", their composition is also slightly changed, but the main inspirers of the idea remained the same. Among them, the main Director of the project Valentin Kozlovsky and producer Alexander Rodnyansky.
The shooting of the series took place in real Moscow higher military command school.

13 Aug 2010 show took place at the last series of the second season of "the Kremlin cadets". All series in the first and second seasons of 160. The continuation of the TV series are planned.

The plot

The entrance exams to the Moscow higher military command school cadets meet ex-classmates Stepan Perepechko, Ilya Sukhomlin and Alex cheesecakes. The friends realize that their newly brought together by fate for a reason.
After taking the oath of allegiance guys get the rank "Sergeant" and swear to stand up for each other.

Of course, Ilya, Alex, and Stepan is not all the students who are studying in MWCU. Together with the cadets in high school received a regular high school graduates, and those guys who have already served in the army. The first is conventionally called in the school "students" and the second "soldiers".

"Students" - Dmitry Krasilnikov, Gennadii Barnabas and Nicholas Kownatski. CSKA - Sergei Gonchar, Evgeny Bragin and Stepan Prokhorov. Tough guys "get along" with each other, because they can say, came from different social strata.

Many new challenges waiting for the students, but it doesn't scare them, but rather egged. Everyone has their own views on life, the learning process, in the end - they have different personalities and temperaments.

By the middle of the first season, there is another ex-cadet Maxim Makarov. Here's the beginning to ignite real passion. Between Maxim and Dima have serious conflicts. During the first and the second season is a lot of difficult, complicated situations, with which people skillfully handle it.

You cannot ignore love lyrics that permeates the television series "the Kremlin cadets". Of course, can not do without showdown. Accordingly, the situations that develop between lovers, uniform that stirs interest in watching one series after another.