We must learn to respect each other. Respect must be the basic principle of relations between a man and a woman. Even the presence of different interests and different levels of earnings should not prevent mutual respect.
It is important to understand that compromise is not defeat, but quite the contrary... So the compromise is not to be feared, is often a compromise decision - the right decision. Do not be too eager to insist. This applies to both men and women. It is necessary to concede each other. Only through mutual concessions can achieve a solution that will ultimately satisfy everyone.
Trust is very important. In some cases, and jealous. If jealousy is not to overdo it, it makes the man jealous, a sense of usefulness. But we should remember that jealousy is only good in small doses, otherwise the constant nitpicking and harassment will withdraw from you, and no good it will not. By the way, it is seen that more change where jealousy is a constant companion.
In relations between spouses should always be mutual. Help and support was needed for both weak and strong floor. Men representatives of the stronger sex, and often, men can hear that in any support they need, but this is not so, a kind word of support is important for everyone. That's just woman does not need to be too obsessive in this matter, otherwise the obsession can only hurt.
Your sweetheart should love for what she is and not for what it could become. At the beginning of married life, the couple make plans that don't always come true. Reality will put everything in its place. Don't need your half to forge for themselves. We are what we are, and that's what makes us unique.