The most striking film about the representatives of the Mayan Empire is a picture of Mel Gibson's "Apocalypse" ("Apocalypto", 2006). The film shows the life of the Maya before the arrival of the conquerors and the Spanish conquistadors. Naturalistic, shows the mysterious rituals of the Indians, human sacrifices, cruel battle with other Indian tribes. The life and struggle of an entire civilization is shown by the example of the life of the protagonist, captured by the enemy and preparing to be sacrificed to the gods. The film indirectly disclosed the reasons for the collapse of a great civilization living by the principle "attack-capture-kill", to develop difficult. Many actors in the film were not professional actors, and these were the descendants of the Maya.
Can tell about the life of the Mayan people and historical adventure drama "Kings of the Sun" ("Kings of the Sun", 1963). The plot revolves around the attempts to capture the Maya of the North American lands. To do this, they are moving through the Gulf of Mexico, intending to settle there, but faced with the native American tribes. There are in the ribbon, and love line: both the leader of the tribes fall for the same girl - the Mayan Princess.
The theme mayanskii culture appeal, the creators of the film "Treasure of the Golden Condor" ("Treasure of the Golden Condor", 1953). In the frame of a former missionary, who worked in the past among the Maya, to which requests came from the Guatemalan people in a kind of scroll. With the scroll of the Indians they are trying to solve the mystery of the location of the ancient temple of the Golden Condor, where treasures are stored.
Fans of horror movies will appreciate the Italian film "Maya" ("Maya", 1989). The story was the study of the Maya culture American scientist who, for unknown reasons, suddenly dies. His daughter specifically to investigate the mysteries of his death sent to Mexico. After her arrival begins a series of strange and mysterious deaths, scary character, but she never ceases to investigate.
After the publication and discussion of the dates of the doomsday predicted by the Maya, it became popular to use mayansky culture in the movie. One such film related to the Maya, became "the Lost city" ("The Vivero Letter", 1999). One young man asks his brother, who had not spoken in years, to bring their vintage tray to him in Costa Rica, but while his brother could get, the guy unexpectedly dies. Together with the girl-an archaeologist and this tray, which is actually a map, the surviving brother begins to search for mysterious places - ancient lost city of the Maya, which has many treasures.
Also mayanskaya culture and ideas of life and death is reflected in the film "the Fountain" ("The Fountain", 2006). The film's Director Darren Aronofsky has suggested that the film can be perceived and interpreted in different ways, but allusions to the mythology of the Mayans in the picture is thought out and quite accurate. One of the parts of the movie (the plot: or a narrative in the book, either taking place in the past) describes the confrontation between Spanish conquistadors and native American tribes. The tree of Life, achievement of immortality, the underworld Xibalba - these key concepts in the film are taken from the beliefs of the Maya.
Another horror mayansky a fairly popular topic was the film "the Ruins" ("The Ruins", 2008). The plot is pretty standard: a group of guys goes to have fun, and is faced with inhospitable mayanskii civilization. An ancient evil comes out when you try to explore a remote Mayan pyramid.
The end of the world as such according to the ancient Mayan calendar the film-catastrophe "2012" (2009). All the plans of the creators of the film about how the Apocalypse will be implemented in the picture. Let the Mayan prophecy did not come true, the special effects in the film fascinates with its scale.