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Israel – the state of mass tourism, which has many historical and religious sites. Annually history lovers, religious pilgrims and those who love beach holidays, will arrive in Israel from around the world.

Israel – the Holy land of the world's religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Resting here, definitely worth a visit religious shrines, in particular, the capital of king David – Holy Jerusalem. Thanks to the tour programs you can see a desert landscape, ancient mountains, beautiful hill and valleys, clean water rivers, and to touch the ancient culture and history.

Most tourists choose to stay in tel Aviv and Eilat. they are suitable for those who like the urban bustle, shopping centers, night clubs, markets, and music concerts and art galleries. For family holidays the ideal option is to Netanya, where a lot of entertainment both for children and for adults.

Israel is also famous for its beach resorts and seas. The dead sea is a unique reservoir, where the water is hard to chelovecheskogo. Water and mud of the sea have amazing healing properties, which doctors use in the treatment of various ailments. In hotels, a very high level of service, and facilities equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The only downside is the security control at the airport, including inspection of objects and documents.

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Jordan – an Arab state with a high standard of living, which is famous for its rich and excursion program, but also suitable for lovers of active lifestyle. As a rule, Jordan choose tourists, whose income is significantly above average, as prices for food and accommodation are very high. Most often, Jordan fly couples. In a separate category of tourists is to make pilgrims and people who prefer the world's monuments, history and religion.

What are the rest of Jordan? Perhaps the fact that resting in this country, the tourist will get a lot of pleasure, finding none of the downside. For example, access to a healing stay at the Dead sea is not restricted, can not be said about the beaches in Israel, and in Eastern markets no annoying sellers. Moreover, in Jordan there is no summer heat, which is exhausting. Jordan is a bridge between East and West, combining sea and desert, as well as great opportunities and numerous cultural layers of the ancient times.

Everyone will love the delicious variety of natural landscapes of the state. In addition to natural beauty, you can see outstanding examples of historical and modern architecture, incredible castles, small hunting lodges in pristine charm and all new high-rise buildings. Tour to Jordan suitable for those who wants to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Beach resorts on the Red and the Dead sea together with a small, but comfortable hotels have exactly this goal.

Those who prefer active leisure will find something to their liking. Extreme tourists can rent a car to explore the country, visiting Holy places and strongholds. You can also explore the desert of Wadi Rum, flying by paraglider or hot air balloon, Golf, paintball, diving or snorkeling.

Jordan is also famous for unique Souvenirs and gifts. It was here that sell unusual Madaba rugs handmade, high-quality ceramic and wood products, and jewelry in black silver. While in Jordan, be sure to try the Arabic sweets are the tastiest sweets in the world. Stay in the full extent combines educational and excursion tourism that is remembered forever, but also cost much more in comparison with Israel. What resort to choose – depends only on the preferences and budget of the tourist.