To see what it looks like aspen, it is possible practically in any region of Russia, because the range of its distribution is quite wide: from the southern steppes to the Arctic circle. Many of the aspen tree is associated with such a magical action like driving an aspen stake and only, meanwhile, it may appear to the eyes of a man completely on the other side.

Types of aspen trees and their characteristics

Aspen or trembling poplar belongs to the family Salicaceae, genus poplar. It is a tall tree with a slender columnar stems gray-green color. The younger aspen, the more greenish hue. Growing in one place for more than a century, aspen can reach a height of 30-35 meters and to allow underground main roots to a radius of 30 meters and more. Species aspen little aspen ordinary and aspen triploid. Over the last bothered to breeders, although external signs these types do not differ from each other.

As birch and aspen in the early spring reveal a charming inflorescence-earrings. Since the tree belongs to a dioecious, male and female catkins vary in color: male - bright Magenta, women's – light green. A deciduous tree is beautiful at any time of the year. In the summer, even in the calm weather, its carved leaves are in constant motion. In the fall they play with bright colors from bright yellow to purple-brown. Even in the rain smooth trunk of aspen stands pure green sheen.

Undemanding tree is not afraid of no excess moisture, no shadow, no frost. Aspen is perfectly mingled with other trees in mixed forests. Experts believe that the population of aspen in the near future to actively increase. The fact that the cultivation of this tree do not need any special instructions. "Stick a stick in the ground and it will sprout - this is about aspen.

How does aspen wood properties

If forest fires other trees destined to die, the dormant roots of aspen, the "feeling" liberated area forest area after felling of the damaged trunks, aktiviziruyutsya and give numerous shoots. Seeds aspen is also able to fly for miles, giving the beginning of life to new seedlings. They need only to touch the surface of the earth, and after 2 years this place will be full tree. Where aspen is growing very fast. If for use in the sawmill industry the spruce and pine will grow for a century, then aspen will Mature in 30 years.

Aspen wood is white, dense, but soft and pliable. Since ancient times, she made out blanks for woodcarving, log cabins, wells, plates for the Foundation of the Church domes. Because the wood of aspen thrives in a damp environment and long decay, then it did the boat. The only disadvantage is the fact that aspen rot inside the trunk. This is typically the case for older trees, but they are able to capture the tendency for this disease to their offspring. Therefore, scientists have aimed to healthy trees by crossing aspen common with other species of poplar.

In the modern sawmill industry round stem triploid aspen has been successfully used for the manufacture of furniture. If externally this species in the forest are not distinguished from the aspen ordinary, the quality of the wood to confuse them does not.