You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • - the program Driver Cleaner Pro.
It can be done. Click on an inactive empty area of the desktop, right-click. If your operating system is Windows 7, the shortcut menu, select "screen Resolution". The owners of the operating systems Windows XP, select "Properties".
In the next window, select "options", then "Monitor". Then click "Properties" and go to the tab "Driver". Then click on "Remove". Then close all running programs and Windows. Then restart the computer. After rebooting the PC the driver monitor will be removed from your system.
Remove the drivers, you can use additional software. Very good app in its kind is called Driver Cleaner Pro. Find it on the Internet (which is free), download and install it on the hard disk of the computer. The advantage of this method is, that in addition to removing the driver program will clean the system registry.
Run Driver Cleaner Pro. Right in the program window is an arrow. Click on this arrow with the left mouse button. Will appear a list of drivers that are installed on your computer. Go through the list and locate the driver of the monitor. Then click on its name with the left mouse button, then in the menu click on Add. Then click on Start. Will start the deactivation process the drivers. Until it is completed.
After removal of drivers the report appears. Close all active Windows. Now restart the computer. After rebooting, the driver of the monitor will be permanently deleted and the registry cleaned. Also Driver Cleaner Pro, it is possible to remove video card drivers.