Stop using the map

If you can't pay cash, don't buy it. You'll never get out of debt on credit cards, if you don't stop to use them right now.
To make payments

In addition to the minimum payments, be sure to make extra. The more extra payment, the faster you pay the credit card debt. Each time the minimum payment will decrease. This is designed so that the longer you pay the debt. Therefore, do not reduce the amount of their payments.
Reduce your expenses

Make an analysis of your monthly expenses. You may need to give up some luxuries, entertainment or additional services. Try to save money on food, cable television and other expenses.
Use the extra income

If you received a bonus at work, tax refund or monetary gift, then use the money as additional payment to pay off the debt on the credit card. Also try to find additional income. Whether it's a part time job or even selling some personal belongings (appliances, clothes, etc.).
Keep track of your progress

Follow along as reduced debt balances on your credit cards. You need to see the progress as this will motivate you to continue the repayment of the debt.