Reread your copy of the credit agreement, if he survived. It must indicate the conditions of early repayment of the loan - the presence or absence of the moratorium, the Commission, the scheme of recalculation of interest. Analyze this information and decide how profitable you premature deposits to the Bank. It is possible that the payment schedule will be less expensive for you.
If the agreement is not kept, contact directly your Bank. This can be done by telephone and by personal visit to the office. Find out the conditions of early repayment, as well as the exact amount that you will need to make. If necessary, ask if a partial repayment of debt. This practice is not all banks, most often for discounts on the interest you will need to close the loan agreement.
Do you know exactly how you must Deposit the required amount. Depending on the Bank, this can be done through ATM by cash or in cash upon presentation of a passport.
Make the necessary amount to the account. After that, if necessary, sign the papers on closing of the credit agreement and the contract on insurance of loan obligations. This should not at all banks, some credit your account will be closed automatically. If you want to get rid of the credit cards, you will also need to take it to the Bank.
To guarantee you will receive a Bank certificate that your loan is repaid in full. There must be the closing date of the contract, and print a financial institution. This document will be useful to you in case of any unjustified claims.