On the street. If you like the young man on the street, there are lots of ways to get his attention and get to know first. For example, to use a banal excuse to know the time. Only your phone it is advisable to place it away and off the sound that it rang at the most crucial moment. By the way, you can ask and call. After gratitude, you can ask the name of their Savior and introduce myself. If your liking is mutual, the young man will answer you. Do not hesitate to be the first to ask a phone number. Modern guys are not too strong.
In the social network. There is nothing easier than to meet with a young man how to do it online. For starters, you can use a trivial function: put a "like", "class" or "likes" on their entries or photos. And then write a personal message. Only something original. For example, the music matches. If they are. Do not try to impersonate another person, be yourself. And bring your page in order before Dating. Hide unwanted photos, remove all suspicious or unworthy of record.
In place of common interests. There is nothing easier than to meet with a young man, who has the same Hobbies as you. For example, you go swimming. Is your passion gives you unlimited amount of scenarios to explore. Ask for advice, help, maybe even counsel any young man, not so difficult. This applies to any hobby where there is a suitable guy. Representatives of the stronger sex willingly help ladies in distress, if they so request.
Think positive thoughts. Wherever you met a guy, set yourself up for success. If you try to get to know, being in a bad mood, not confident, your idea is doomed to failure. You need to be sure that everything will work out. This even opinion will change. And young people, contrary to stereotypes, look in the eyes in the first place.
Be irresistible. Clothes make the man, and, therefore, when leaving the house your outfit needs to be flawless. Suddenly today you will meet your destiny? Wherever you go, remember that the modern woman can be strong, but not vulgar. This also applies to clothing. To the girls who are dressed lightly, in most cases, young people are the same way – lightly.