You will need
  • meat;
  • - meat products;
  • - fish and seafood;
  • - the workpiece;
  • sauces;
  • - vegetables;
  • - greens;
  • cheese;
  • - fruits;
  • - bread;
  • Sol;
  • - beer or wine.
The most popular dish at the picnic - a shish kebab. If you are going to relax in nature, it is important to cook the meat for cooking,i.e., to marinate it in vinegar or wine, adding spices or herbs. For barbecue pork suitable, namely the neck, brisket, loin or back portion of carcass beef: tenderloin, sirloin, thick edge, rump, inner part of back legs. Delicious barbecue will come from lamb, you can also grill chicken legs or wings.
Such meat products as frankfurters, wieners or sausages are also suitable for roasting on skewers or grill. In the absence of the ability to roast meat outdoors you can take a ready-made meat products: roast beef, baked ham, roasted or smoked chicken, sliced.
Lovers of fish and seafood can eat them in nature. Cooking them on the grill to remove excess fat and retain all useful properties. Picnic suitable fatty fish with a dense meat: salmon, trout, salmon, catfish, mackerel or carp. The marinade can serve white wine, soy sauce or lemon juice.
The barbecue is not complete without a barbecue, no cost and no sauce for meat. It can be prepared in advance and can be purchased in the store. There are many types of sauce: tkemali, garlic, soy, Satsebeli, cranberry.
This files most often among the required foods for a picnic to eat vegetables. You can bring raw potatoes to the nature bake it in the coals. Also useful tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, cabbage for cooking fresh salads or slicing. To treat yourself to grilled vegetables, you can take zucchini, sweet peppers, corn or eggplant.Pickles is also perfect for a picnic. It can be marinated cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers.
Decorate the picnic and will become an indispensable complement to the meat greens: spinach, dill, parsley, lettuce, chives, Basil, arugula. The greens is to wash in advance, then dry and gently pack to keep freshness. Laid out on dish, it will perfectly complement main dishes and appetizers.
For a picnic you can take various fruits or berries, which should be pre-washed and put in plastic containers in order not to damage them.
Different types of cheese can be a cheese plate, which is also perfect for a picnic. Solid grades, feta or mozzarella, blue, smoked cheese - so many types of cheese will allow you to choose a snack to your taste. This product is versatile and suitable as an independent snack and for salads or sandwiches.
Two products, without which it is unlikely to be a picnic as salt and bread. The nature you can take a pre-sliced loaf or a variety of cakes which you can just tear with your hands.
Drinking water at the picnic should be enough so you can get even more than you need. In addition to tea, coffee or juice for a picnic you can take such alcoholic beverages as wine or beer.