What is All inclusive

"All inclusive" – this phrase beckons to come to the travel Agency to buy a ticket. A huge plus is that the guests don't have to think where to eat and how much to save for alcohol and food. Everything in the hotel is free. No need to constantly consider your finances, save money to the end of the holiday don't stay hungry.

Different hotels beckon with their slogans. The standard labels are added such words as vip class, excellent, ultra, superior. But all this is nothing more than a simple publicity stunt. There are only 2 categories of services: all inclusive – mini and maxi. The first suggests that free food, drinks and alcohol are locally sourced from 10 am to 21 hours. Maxi imply that alcohol has not only local, but also imported. Restaurants and lobby bars are free until midnight. Also in terms of the Maxi all-inclusive may include the additional services. For example, free to fill the Minibar in the room.

Where you can relax on the system "All inclusive"

Not everywhere you can have a rest on system "All inclusive". In the EU this service is practiced very rarely. Yes, in travel agencies you can hear that there are vouchers, for example, in Greece the island of Zakynthos on the system "All inclusive", but in fact it will be the ticket with Full Board. That is includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who previously had a rest on resorts of Turkey and Egypt, will realize how much of a difference.

By the way, Turkey and Egypt are certainly the countries where the system is All inclusive – the most common and relevant service. The majority of visits to the resorts of Turkey and Egypt suggest the "All inclusive", is rarely seen traveling with the Half-Board. It is also interesting that those who wish to save money and buy the tour without the services of All inclusive subsequently have to pay a lot more. Even the coffee mug at the neighboring hotel can cost around $40. What can we say about food and alcohol.

What about other countries

If you search well, the All-inclusive you can still find in European countries. But is it profitable? If a trip is planned to Montenegro or Bulgaria, even finding the service of All, we should all think about. Much more profitable to take only Breakfast and Lunches and dinners to hold in a cozy and inexpensive cafes. Around the hotel there is a huge number. But the price tag is in the menu would be acceptable.

In Italy, you can find vouchers All inclusive only in Sardinia and Sicily. There is already directly before purchasing the tour we need to calculate the benefit. There are times when it is in these resorts the All-inclusive additionally introduced a free service such as rent canoes, deck chairs, umbrellas and more.

In the Emirates can only find a couple of hotels with the required system and acquire such tours are very profitable. In Dubai, Sharjah and other resorts just a huge number of very cheap cafés. To find the hotel on All inclusive basis only in Fujairah. This is due to the remoteness of the hotels from the center.

Where else can be beneficial to relax in All inclusive

The concept of providing a service is justified only in beach resorts. In addition to Turkey and Egypt have a good rest, such a system is possible in Thailand, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba.