You will need
  • - baby soap,
  • - foam or gel type "from head to feet",
  • - baby shampoo formula "no tears".
Fill the pre-wash baby bath bathing water temperatures of about 36-37 o C. To measure temperature you can use a special thermometer for the water (do not rely on my own feelings of "hot-cold", as they can be deceiving).
Immerse your baby in water, supporting the palm and fingers of the left hand under the head, neck and back. You can put the baby's head on the inside of the wrist left the river, placing it neck and upper chest on his palm.
Wet the palm of his right hand the scalp of the baby, and then soap baby soap (foam, gel, shampoo for children) and your hand is already greasy palm swipe several times on the baby's head, making a circular motion from forehead to neck.
Rinse off the soap with hairs water baby with the right hand. Pour water as well as soaping the head from forehead to neck. The soap need to wash off thoroughly, leaving no traces on the hair of the child.
Don't be afraid when washing to damage the spring, so as the child's brain protected by a thick layer of cartilage and skin. However, the process of shampooing all the same should be done carefully and gently.
Wash the head of the newborn with soap and water 2-3 times a week (to rinse the hair with water daily while bathing).