You will need
  • A computer running the operating system, antivirus
Start the computer, while booting continuously press the F8 key, sometimes alternatively the F5 or F12. A menu will appear select boot options of the operating system. Select "Safe mode".
Start by booting the system in safe mode. In some cases the Windows boot process can happen very long. Do not press any keys at this time. After loading Windows you will see a black screen and the notification that the operating system is running in safe mode, some functions can be blocked.
View loaded if the antivirus in safe mode automatically. If not, start it manually. Menu antivirusNoah program, click Scan computer." Keep in mind, scanning the computer in safe mode is not available for all antivirusAh. In the objects menu, select all the hard disk partitions, as well as all connected flash drives, if any.
Begin scanning your computer. Do not at this time any actions. Be sure to wait until the computer scan will be completed.
If anti -virushave failed to detect malware, you will see a list of actions that you need them to do. Files malware not necessarily completely removed from the computer. Among them may be the files you need. Select "quarantine". Those files that cannot be placed in quarantine, delete it from the computer.
Restart the computer is in normal mode. If viruss is isolated, the system should work fine. Go to menu antivirusand and select "utilities" and the tab "Quarantine". Let's see what files are there. If there are no files you need, click "Clear quarantine".