You will need
  • Computer, antivirus.
Before you remove the viruses, you need to find them. To do this go to menu of your antivirus by double-clicking the left mouse button on its icon on the task bar. Menu antivirus select "Scan PC", and the item "Custom scan". In the next menu, select scan targets. Check all local drives and memory. If you have virtual optical drives, select them as well. Once all the validation targets are selected, hit "Scan".
The antivirus will start scanning system. If viruses are found, this will be reported in the scan log. Found infected files will not be deleted automatically. Wait until the scanning computer. Computer scan can considerably slow down your system, so it is not recommended to perform any actions at this moment.
After the operation is completed will open the event log. This log will list the infected files that the antivirus found. Will look into it. If the file you don't need, delete it. To do this just in the menu of possible actions, select "Remove". In this way, remove all infected files that you do not need.
If there were too many infected files, it would be logical to remove them together. Just browse through the list of files, need the files save by adding them to the quarantine. There they will be isolated and will not interfere with the operation of the system. Later, you can try to cure them or to copy the information you need. All the other infected files that you do not need, you can delete at one time. To do this, select "Delete all". This way you will save time. Now all the infected files deleted, and the files you need are available in the quarantine. If necessary, quarantine them at any time to remove.