Territorial body of the pension Fund for all citizens of Russia who are registered in the pension insurance system, including children, disabled citizens and servicemen, on application, issue an insurance number of individual Ledger account (SNILS).

How does the social security number

SNILS is salaminian card is green, which indicates the following details of the insured: self insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS), surname, name and patronymic of the insured person, the date and place of birth, gender and date of registration in the system of individual pension insurance. In that case, if the insured person change personal data, he must contact within 14 days to the territorial body PFR with the statement that he will issue a new insurance certificate with the changed data, but with the same individual account number.

Why the need for a social security number

Social security number is required when applying for a job because the employer according to the law should be transferred to the personal account of pension insurance contributions to the Pension Fund, which, in turn, will be the basis of future pension of the employee. If applying for a job the employer asked the employee number SNILS, then this may indicate that the design work will not be considered as official, and consequently, deductions for the employee Pension Fund will not be made. In turn, this can affect the size of future pension. In addition, the social security number is also needed when receiving various social benefits, birth certificates, the parent capital. Without numbers SNILS also it will be impossible to obtain public services in electronic form via the Internet. Pensions also require the presence at the citizen of the certificate of insurance in the pension system.

Why SNILS child

Many wonder why make SNILS small child. From 1 January 2015, the planned introduction of the Universal Electronic card (UEC), which will include identification and payment functions. It is planned that it will replace itself SNILS, insurance, VAT number, Bank card, and also many additional functions. This card will be issued to all citizens and based on the number SNILS as a single identifier. Therefore, child insurance in the pension insurance system is a stepping stone for the release of the UEK in the future.