According to the Federal law from 01 April 1996 № 27-FZ "On individual (personified) accounting in system of compulsory pension insurance", every citizen of the Russian Federation needs to obtain pension insurance certificate as proof of eligibility for a pension. Now the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation carries out registration of Russian citizens, regardless of age. A certificate of insurance is issued in perpetuity.

On the document itself (green plastic card) the following particulars of the holder:
- SNILS (insurance number of individual personal account).
- Name and surname of the holder;
place and date of birth;
- gender;
- the date of registration in the Pension Fund (which may be different from the actual date of receipt of the certificate).

How to apply for pension insurance certificate

To obtain a certificate need only document the identity (the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation) and the statement, filled in the office of the Pension Fund or through the Single state services portal. For registration card for persons under 14 years of age, in addition to the birth certificate, you will need the passport of one of parents.

The easiest way of obtaining the pension certificate is to contact the personnel Department at work. You will need to fill out an application, and the finished card is received within 10 days to the address of your organization. If you are unemployed, but pension contributions are still paid, to obtain the desired document, please contact the nearest office of the Pension Fund of Russia.

What to do in case of loss of the pension insurance certificate?

To restore the document also is not difficult. With the loss of evidence make a formal statement to the head of your organization. Again, if you are unemployed, contact the PF office, but you may require additional information to confirm the reliability of existing database information. Usually the restoration of the lost pension insurance certificate takes 25-30 days.

How to replace pension insurance certificate?

Changes in the database of the Pension Fund is made within two weeks after submission. New citizen receives a certificate of insurance with the same number of individual Ledger account, but with updated data. Mainly to replace the card to the FIU referred when the change of name.