Glue for eyelash "Too PROFESSIONAL". Recommended for parisnicole capacity. Characterized by high durability and bond. Water-resistant and dries completely in 10 min. Produced from high quality substance cyanoacrylate. If used improperly, can cause burning and allergic reactions. It is recommended to use professional craftsmen.
Glue for eyelashes "Lidan" is high quality, stretchy and moisture-resistant, and odorless. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Before using shake the glue, store with the lid tightly closed, preferably in a refrigerator (extending the use). After first opening of the lid adhesive fit 1-3 months. For professional use.
Glue for eyelashes "Dolce Vita". There are two types: black, with the effect of eyeliner, use black lashes, and a transparent – colored lashes. Made from natural resins, has high adhesion and considerable cost. The glue is not toxic, does not emit formaldehyde and, accordingly, does not cause irritation to the eyes. Instantly glues need eyelashes. Dries within 3 minutes. Artificial eyelash falls only when loss natural.
Adhesive resin for eyelashes and beams "Lash Tite Adhesive" from Ardell. It has a waterproof effect firmly holds the bundles on the eyelid 2-4 weeks. Suitable for sensitive eyes as it does not cause allergies. Removed the glue with century special tool from Ardell "Lash Free Remover". Used by professional craftsmen.
Glue for lashes "Lash Adhesive clear" from Salon Perfect. Easy to handle and harmless adhesive latex-based, suitable for eyelash extensions at home. Not recommended to use if you are allergic to latex. Use glue strictly according to the recommendations in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.
Adhesive resin for eyelashes and beams "Mirage" series A. Simple to use, securely glue and has a high elasticity. Since the clay is oil-based, you should avoid contact with the oil. The glue does not cause allergies and has high quality.
Adhesive resin for lashes "Irisk PLANTING Eyelash Glue" does not cause allergies and irritation, even with open eyes. Glue does not smell, dries longer than usual, about 10-15 seconds. For professional use.