You will need
  • Basic skills to operate Windows and programs
Before recording on a disc image file or program, you need this image to create. In the main window of the running program "Alcohol" is selected with the mouse cursor in the right vertical panel operation "Create image". Press. There is a new function window.
Then click the new window command the "Next" button. In the next window see if you have enough space for placing the image on a local diske (C:, D:, etc.). Choose the drive or folder where to copy, and click on located at the bottom of the "Start"button.
The created image can be saved to local diske, transforming it into a virtual disk (to run on the computer) with the same "Alcohol". And you can copy it on a blankdisk, which it will also be stored, but that you can start it just normally, without the "Alcohol".
To write the image to CDdisc, select the right vertical pane of the main window "Alcohol" operation "Recording CD/DVD images". Click on it. In the window that appears by pressing the "Browse" find the image and insert it in the input field with the button "Open". Then, as usual, click "Next", "Start" (button at the bottom of the window). The process has begun! If you are, of course, do not forget to insert empty disk in drivea hornet.