Preparing for a photo shoot

If we talk about the choice of clothing for shooting, it is better to abandon large patterns, bold lace. Choose styles that emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. For example, this halter top is flattering and visually lengthen the neck, turtlenecks, on the contrary, will make her shorter. Two rows of buttons on the jacket or another article of clothing - complete.

Pay special attention to color. With moderate use black, you can achieve that in the frame you will become a bit thinner. The top and bottom it is better to choose different colors, otherwise all the photos will merge together. This rule does not apply to suits.

Accessories should not overwhelm the image, they just need to complement it. Interestingly, when they are made in contrasting shades of basic clothing. Then decoration will make your appearance more expressive, accentuate the beauty of the hands, décolleté, wrists.

Hairstyle, and jewelry should not be flashy, fully Express the real you. But look she needs a perfect – clean hair, neat styling and low retaining gels, varnishes.

Makeup is a major way to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the person. But do not overdo it, otherwise the features are completely lost, the photo will not be your perfect face, and the image is not known girls. Foundation and powder should be selected for maximum skin layer better than thin, barely noticeable. What would the lips look more expressive and fuller, before applying lipstick, massage them, lightly pokusajte and use a transparent balm. Eye makeup should emphasize iris color, make it brighter, and her eyes expressive and "alive".

Try not to stretch the face to relax muscles and smile more. Looks perfect only photo where you look happy and cheerful, the sense of self-dignity and beauty.

The secrets of successful photography

If you are professional photographer, it will help to choose the most suitable angle that would figure, and face looked perfect. Many masters do not recommend specially to pose in the shot, and sometimes I just want to relax and behave naturally. At the same time we must remember about the person - do not overdo it with the facial expressions. It is believed that the gaze and facial expression make perfect, in the moment of shooting, you don't think about anything except that you will visit a pleasant memory.

To eyes in the picture is a bit more than the actual size and expressive, you need to slightly raise his head, glancing slightly upwards.

Another important part of posture. Not perekusyvaete shoulders and also keep the shoulder that is closest to the lens was not raised above what on. Leaning in the frame, follow the deflection of the spins, in order that the photo turned out to a curved body contour. Don't forget to involve the stomach.

Try not to stand directly in front of the camera - the pictures where you can see both ears, rarely are successful. It would be much better if you slightly turn your head to the side or slightly unfold the housing.

If you have full legs, placing them in one line, you focus attention to them. It is better to avoid such postures. Girls and women with skinny legs for a good photo, you can choose a sitting position on the edge of the chair in profile.

Taking pictures yourself, try to choose a natural background. Perfect wildlife, everyday street or a simple impartial cabin background. If the staged photo session, the background brightness should not exceed the brightness of your look, clothes, makeup, etc.