There are several ways of earning on the stock exchange. You can trade stocks and bonds and you can become a trader and start trading currency on the international Forex market. But of course, it's not as easy as it seems. First we need to obtain some knowledge in this area, and then to give their hard earned. How to make money on the stock exchange?
To earn the first money at the exchange, decide what you will trade. Professionals recommend to start with stocks or futures, there is less Commission, in addition to stock exchange transactions are made on a pre-negotiated conditions, which is the guarantor of security trading for both sellers and buyers. You may not engage in the sale, and to choose a passive way of investing that lump sum investing in stocks or bonds and give them a guaranteed income. And you can give money to a Manager in the future generally are not interested in the actions of the latter, and can monitor of the trader and his trade, at any time to intervene in the process.
When trading securities, it is important to create an investment portfolio, which would have been several securities with the best combination of return and risk. If you don't want to put yourself at risk every minute, you can make your own portfolio to include securities of well-known companies, giving even small, but steady income.
Before you start trading in the Forex market, you should be trained in special courses, shoveled a mountain of information on this topic and to try your hand at a demo account. Demo account is a virtual game where you do all the same steps as in the usual currency market with the only difference that the game is not real money but a virtual one.
Only after that you can start earning in the Forex market, signing an agreement with a broker and open an account with a certain amount of money. By selecting a platform, trading platform and developing your strategy you can start trading. With regard to the strategies of the game, there are several types, starting with the most secure, involving the opening of a position from one year to several years to the most risky, which involves a large number of transactions in one minute and even a few seconds.