You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • - pumice stone;
  • - a dry, soft cloth;
  • - white spirit;
  • blade;
  • water;
  • - a means for washing dishes;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - vinegar.
Deciding to remove the old layer of silicone sealant, for example, with acrylic tray shower box, and re-process the joints with silicone, first of all, try neatly podkovyrnut the old layer with a screwdriver. As a rule, otkovyryat old layer easily.
Then, remove the walls of the shower box from the pallet. If the first attempt to do this fails, stick a knife in the crack between the walls and tray, and then cut the remaining sealant inside.
Then re-try to shoot the wall of the shower stall: this time it should work. With acrylic tray silicone remnants can be removed with pumice. This "tool" will easily remove the silicone and thus will not cause visible damage the acrylic surface of the shower enclosure.
And finally, treat the cleaned surface with a dry cloth and re-apply silicone.
In that case, if the silicone sealant you need to clean the glass surface, it can be done with a sharp blade. However, this procedure has a negative side. First, clean the glass from the silicone with a razor blade is a laborious task which may take many hours. Second, too great a risk of damage to the glass.

Because of this, try using a gentle method, for example, to remove silicone sealant using solvent white spirit. Dampen a rag with solvent and wipe her clean glass surface, then wait about a minute. With a utility knife, start to scrape the silicone. The fact that the sealant is under the influence of white spirit will become gelatinous, so remove it with a hobby knife will not be difficult.
Rinse the glass with a dishwashing detergent, it will remove the solvent. Wipe the glass dry.
To clear the silicone from the tile, carefully cut with a knife construction large pieces of hardened silicone, and the remaining sealant moisten with vinegar, then a good RUB with a dry cloth.