To get started is to try the tools offered to us by nature itself. Herbs have a beneficial effect on the appearance of hair, making them softer, smoother and shinier. Rinse hair well suited decoctions of chamomile, Linden, nettle. But the choice of herbs due to hair color. Dyed blondes must be careful in this matter, the consequences can be dire. For example, nettles can add color hair a greenish tint. Natural blondes great chamomile that gives hair a beautiful Golden hue. Hops and parsley created for brunettes, brown hair and redheads. All ready fees herbs can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.

To prepare a decoction for rinsing hair easy. Usually, 1-2 tablespoons of dry herb zaparivajut boiling water (1-1,5 liters), insist at least one hour, cool, strain and rinse already clean hair.

But there are tools that can be used regardless of hair color, must be guided only by their type. For example, popular today steel tenneckee shampoos. They do not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, and makes your hair bright, silky and shiny. Visually your hair healthy-looking. And with frequent use hair color becomes more saturated.

Today in pharmacies sells a variety of special solutions that contain all the beneficial ingredients for your hair is proteins and vitamins and various trace elements. The tool is produced in ampoules. It instantly transforms the hair, restore their structure, making them smooth and shiny.

Hair must constantly "feed" inside all the necessary vitamins to remain healthy, strong and beautiful.