Install UltraISO

If the application on your computer is not already installed, follow the downloading and installing from the official site of the developer of EZB Systems. Download the latest version of the app, clicking on the Downloads link at the top of the window resource. Select the installation language and click the green download button on the appropriate line of the page. Wait for the download of the installation file, then run the downloaded installer by clicking on it twice with the left mouse button. Following the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process and configuration of the primary parameters UltraISO. Click "finish" when completed. Double-click on the newly created shortcut and wait for the program window.

The CD

To record the required data using UltraISO on the recording medium set in the disk drive a blank CD-R, DVD-R or BD-R disc. You can also use rewritable (RW) media. The type of disc you can watch on the front side before installing in the drive.

In a Windows Explorer open the folder from which you want to move the files. Highlight the documents by holding the left mouse button. Release the button and then hit her in the blue highlighted area. Hold down and drag the selected files into the program window for recording. Similarly trigger the addition of other folders.

After the copy operation is complete the required data in the program window click on the icon "Record", which is located on the toolbar in the Central part. Review proposed in the new window parameters. If your computer has multiple drives, select the device, which is blank disc.

If you wish, you can change the setting "Speed records", but in most cases this setting should be left default. Click "Burn" to start burning the data. Once the recording is completed the disc will be ejected from the drive. If desired you can also automatically verify the integrity of the recorded data by putting a check in the "Check" on the same line as "Drive".

You can import the files directly in the program window, using the guide at the bottom of the main screen. Once with this menu you will find the desired file, move it to the top of the window to prepare for recording.

If you want without running the program, burn the image file using UltraISO, right click on the ISO and select the option "Open with UltraISO. You will see the application window, and all the files that are ready for recording from the image. Click burn, then click "Save" to process the payment.