To understand and accept the fact that a loved one is in trouble, can not do everything. The most reasonable thing that can make a wife in such a situation is to abandon that all are accustomed to consider using. That is, cease to argue, to exhort, to demand and ask – remember, the person with addiction, roughly speaking, do not care about your feelings and words. Be aware of what exactly you change nothing – you will not make the addictbut to abandon the addiction.The next step is learn to separate your husband from his disease. This is important because you must continue to love people and to hate and despise his illness. Do not take responsibility for his recovery, habits and way of life, cease to patronize him. This psychological technique will help the person realize how he is alone in his problem and to stop speculating feelings of the woman.All your attempts to send her husband to compulsory treatment, will typically be a failure. It is a natural result – it's going to be treated in order to reassure you. So as soon as it appears in the old environment, then immediately breaks down.Another common mistake is to call for help of their and his parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Such behavior will only alienate you from each other, and give a reason for the constant talk, gossip and endless mercy.Do not try to find guilt in your behavior and lifestyle – perhaps a bit of common sense in this, but keep your arguments to yourself. Otherwise you will give the addicthave a reason to blame yourself in a situation that will only increase your discomfort.Sparing of a beloved husband, you can give it debt yield to provocations and make tons of lies – know how firmly to deal with threats and extortion, do not give in to tricks. Only by abandoning the hard struggle with windmills, and placing the responsibility for what happens to the wife, do you show your love and give the man a chance to recover. If the situation is complicated by the presence of children, then one way out – to leave her husband alone. Addicts are unpredictable and children to be with a dependent person is very dangerous. Think primarily about themselves and about the children, try to secure the existence of his family.