The word "grocery" is derived from the Turkish words bakkal, which means "the grocer", or bakala - "look and take". Initially in Russia this word meant dry food, but later they began to name and store departments that sell these products. The owner of the shop was called "the grocer". According to the latest international principles and rules for trade, to the grocery products include food products that do not require special storage conditions and has a long shelf life, sometimes the last cooking process.
The bulk of the groceries are Packed teas, coffee, cocoa, various flours and powders for making pancakes, muffins and other pastries based on flour; cereals; packaged legumes - beans, peas, lentils - with a high content of vegetable protein; pasta - spaghetti, shaped pasta, vermicelli, noodles, lasagne, feathers.
Also in the grocery group of goods include vegetable oil - sunflower, olive and other types; packaged sauces, including tomato ketchup, barbeque sauces, seasoning, mayonnaise, sauces, soy and other condiments for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and prepared spices such as mustard, horseradish; vinegar; yeast; auxiliary dry ingredients for baking and desserts; fast food type cereals, soups, mashed potatoes, noodles; dry Breakfast cereals, etc.; dry soluble beverages - milk, cream, jelly, cocoa, etc.; dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dried vegetables.
Products designed for snacking, sold in pre-Packed form, also belong to the grocery. It can be potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, crackers, etc.
In the grocery departments of the store you can also find commodities, semi-finished products and canned goods and some household products, such as soap, washing powder, matches.
To the grocery are not perishable group of products: fresh fish, meat, cheese, sausage and other food, milk and dairy products, juices, water, fruits, vegetables, herbs and liquors. Thus trade rules provide for separate storage of groceries of products with a short shelf life. Is control of insects and rodents as groceries, usually lie on the shelves for many months.