A man comes to the planet to obtain life experience for producing any energy. However, many believe in karma, and this means that something in life is due to past lives. But this is reflected in the place of birth, the social level of the family, welfare of the people. If you behave properly, not to violate moral principles, not to cross the law, you can fix it. It turns out that karma only sets the starting point, but does not limit development opportunities.
Change the destiny we must start with ourselves. The man himself is able to affect the world, to transform their thoughts, feelings, learn to be positive and kind. These processes are very long, but real. Usually in this work a man can change everything that was laid in childhood, it displaces the old principles, taking new. It is to learn to live using a rule of a boomerang: what to emit, and returned.
Large changes are possible when changing habits. Man very often receives the same, all his actions are predictable. He learn something, and then just constantly use the skill. There is nothing unexpected, but should appear as life becomes different. First you need to notice what habits you have. Follow everything: brush teeth, eat, as they say. And then start to do things differently. But to form a new habit it will take at least 21 days.
Faith in fate typical of people who do not know how to achieve goals. They are not willing to work on yourself, do not seek to achieve some goals. Look, don't you think so? All my life you can take control, if you learn how to manage your time, prioritize, to achieve the intended. It is these skills that allow you to earn a lot, live happily ever after. Find out about them, start to follow these rules.
Do not believe fortune-tellers and psychics. They can tell the truth, but in most cases they only see one version of events, and there can be millions. Forecasters say about one possible course of events , and the option to incarnate, if you do not change, but should only behave differently, and life will go in a new direction. The forecast should be taken as a warning that allows it to adjust to the circumstances as needed.
Many psychologists under the fate of understand limiting the installation, which are laid in childhood. If the mother said that the son will never be rich, then he did with the money and never will. Sometimes, to understand destiny, we must look at the subconscious mind, search, what prevents success, and replacing the old principles, going forward without a doubt.